Welcome to my website,  my name is Silvio and over the years I have designed and made one of our dreams come true: a small chain of hospitality in Rome that host travelers from around the world and make them feel as comfortable as possible and live unforgettable moments.

Silvio’s Holiday Homes  was born by an idea and is the realization of a thought: we wanted people being in Rome for holidays, work or short term to have something more than the usual accommodation in the usual place you can find everywhere. Have you ever felt the sensation to get into a hotel room or into an soulless flat, which was unable to give you any emotion or to let you feel in a particular place? How many times - getting into those luxury rooms - you felt uncomfortable and homesick? Our aim is to welcome you in our Roman houses and help you living them as Roman people.

In order to reach this aim, we first found apartments in central and characteristic areas of our city, so that the locations themselves could help our guests getting into the most authentic and known parts of Rome, with their body and soul: Vatican, Spanish Steps, Navona, Pantheon, and  the best areas of Rome.

This is a Family business, all apartments are owned directly by my family, cousins or uncles. This makes it even more special as u always have someone to deal with in case something is not working or if you need help.

Therefore, in order to further improve our service, we ask you to send us your valuable feedback by email.

We would really appreciate it as we believe that the incentive for continued growth is likely generated from direct contact with our friends/ customers.

!See you soon!